Our Services

We deliver compelling solutions across a wide range of disciplines. AKM has a comprehensive track record in electrical and mechanical engineering services and project management. We have developed particular expertise in hospitals, clinics and also have experience in:

  • Urban and rural distribution systems
  • High mast lighting
  • Low-cost housing estates
  • Hotel and leisure complexes
  • Schools & hostels
  • Shopping complexes
  • Industrial installations
  • Water treatment works

Management Services

Maintenance Management Developing maintenance systems Compiling tender and contractual documentation Adjudicating tenders Administering and monitoring maintenance contracts Financial Management

Mechanical Building Services

Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation (HVAC)
Design and specify, compile tender and contractual documentation, administer the construction phase and close out of projects such as:
Air conditioning design and specification
Ventilation systems (supply and extract)
Specialised environmental control
Humidity control
Specialised filtration

Fire Protection and Detection
Developing fire plans that comply with the latest National Building Regulations, SANS 10400, Regional and Local Authorities requirements, compile tender and contractual documentation, administer the construction phase and close out including:
Early Warning detection
Fire fighting systems
Hose reels
Sprinklers systems
Storage and pumping systems
Rational designs

Medical, laboratory and other gases
Design and specification of medical gas systems including:
nitrous oxide
low pressure air
high pressure air
liquid petroleum
industrial and laboratory gases

Laundry and Kitchen Buildings and Equipment
Design, specification and contract management of commercial and hospital laundry buildings and equipment, including:
Selection of suitable systems for task
Selection of equipment
Building layout for optimal operation
Engineering support systems such as ventilation, steam, pneumatic and electrical installations.

Domestic Water
Design of complete hot and cold water reticulation systems for hospitals, hotels, housing complexes, schools and prisons
Design of hot water generation and storage systems
Water metering systems

Work includes compilation of tender and contractual documentation, administration of the construction phase and close.

Elevators, Escalators & Hoisting
Sizing systems fit for purpose
Liaising with structural engineer on sizing and design of lift shafts
Providing support services such as electricity and sump drainage
Compiling tender and contractual documentation,
Administering the construction phase and close

Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Infrastructure
Design and specification of electrical supply systems, indoor and outdoor substations.
Design and specifications of roadway and high mast lighting, stadium lighting and lighting for security applications.

Electrical Building Services
All general building services, including:
small power
supply to mechanical plant and equipment
Specialist services for hospitals including:
intensive care
X-ray installations
specialist earthing
communication and nurse call systems
security systems including access control.
“Green building” services including:
energy reduction strategies
load management
alternative energy sources.

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